After seven wonderful years, Jazz at the Magpie and Parrot has come to a close..  :-( 


But, as the saying goes, one door closes and others open!

Here's what's happening at other venues...


Jazz at Marilyn’s Speakeasy, Reading

Thursday 23 January | Lea Lyle Quartet | Information | Tickets

Thursday 27 February | P’Jam | More soon

Thursday 26 March | More soon


Jazz at the 19th Hole, Theale


Friday 31 January | Lea Lyle Quartet | Information | Tickets - call 0118 930 5331


Friday 28 February | More soon

Friday 27 March | More soon

If you are on our email list** we’ll keep you updated - and all gigs will be listed in Jazz in Reading's Jazz Gig Calendar

** If you're not yet on the list, just email us and we'll do the rest

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