Feedback from previous performances

"Really enjoyed it. So relaxing. Can't wait to come back, Excellent. Very friendly"

"Loved it!"

"Great atmosphere and music"

"Tonight was my first time here - very enjoyable :-)"

"Excellent - keep it cosy"

"Lovely cozy venue. Wonderful hospitality - love the snacks"

"Very enjoyable"

"Superb evening; very cosy"

"Performance was very good. We really like the atmosphere. Jazz at the Magpie and Parrot is a brilliant idea - please don't stop"


"Very good music and atmosphere"

"Enjoyable cosy jazz - thanks!"

"Great! At last! Some more please!"

"Very good, we will be back!"

"Very accessible choice of songs… Venue is obviously lovely - best bar for miles to be honest"

"Jazz and blues fantastic for this venue"

"Just right! My kind of music. Looking forward to future events at this delightful venue"

"What a surprise! We just called in for a drink and found fabulous live music - thank you!"

"Very good - will come again"

"A most enjoyable evening - thank you"

"Great evening - it's lovely to know you are still keeping jazz alive"

"This was absolutely brilliant"

"Marvellous jazz - sublime!"