Upcoming sessions
Music from 8 pm.  Free entry!  Call 0118 971 3827 to make dinner reservations.

​Saturday 27 August 2022: P'Jam

Annie Parker flutes, Phil Craddock piano, Marianne Windham bass, Jim Wade drums

P’Jam is a joyful quartet of musicians who simply enjoy playing jazz together 
in sometimes slightly unexpected and spontaneous ways. With a repertoire that
 spans Miles Davis to the Beatles, expect an evening of great music in
good company!

Saturday 24 September 2022: Peter Bingham Quartet

Peter Bingham tenor sax, Phil Craddock piano, Marianne Windham bass, Jim Wade drums

Peter Bingham started playing clarinet in his pre-teen years and later converted to saxophone at the age of 15 in
order to play in his uncle’s dance band. He ran that band after his uncle retired and also played in an organ trio.
He began playing modern jazz at a jazz workshop at the West End Centre in the late 1970s. Peter’s current band
Equinox, formed in 2000, has a ‘first Tuesday of the month’ residency at The Four Horseshoes, Sherfield on Loddon.

Saturday 29 October 2022: Steph Pirrie Quartet

Steph Pirrie trumpet & vocals , Phil Craddock piano, Barrie Griffin bass, Jim Wade drums

Steph Pirrie has performed as a vocalist with some of the UK’s finest musicians and is currently studying jazz
trumpet at the UK Jazz School working with some of our most admired educators, including Nick Weldon, David
Lewis and Steve Waterman. She began studying voice and classical trumpet aged 11. While bringing up her family Steph became interested in Jazz and went on several courses and workshops with Anita Wardell and at the Royal College of Music with Dominic Aldiss. Her love of harmony, singing and groove-based music inspired her to
become a jazz singer.
Steph is also an accredited vocal coach and conductor specialising in groups, acapella,

backing vocals and choirs. She recently taught Robert Peston how to sing Bohemian Rhapsody for a performance

on Radio 4. She runs regular workshops for singers of all abilities. Steph performs as a soloist and works with a
number of collaborative projects. She also plays trumpet for the Cutting Edge Big Band.

Saturday 26 November 2022: P'Jam

Annie Parker flutes, Phil Craddock piano, TBC bass, Jim Wade drums

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