Jazz at the Magpie & Parr​ot

Berkshire's most intimate live jazz venue

If the idea of a whole evening of live jazz (modern, bop, American songbook)  in trio, quartet or quintet format and in a stunningly unique environment (with a bar, free raffle entry and complimentary nibbles - and all for only £5) is appealing, then this is the place for you to experience jazz in Reading.

The Magpie and Parrot is an unusual pub (consider the military bear in the corner of the bar and take a look at the Gallery to see what we mean). It normally closes at 7:30pm, but - once or twice a month - jazz-loving landlady Carole opens the place up for Jazz at the Magpie and Parrot.

The bands comprise a mix of semi-professional and full-time musicians. They accept that Jazz at the Magpie and Parrot isn't a commercial venture but they often travel some considerable distance to play there. Your £5 contribution to the evening goes 100% towards their expenses.

“Welcome to the quirky time warp: I went on Jazz night which is once a month on a Thursday night. £5 entrance fee. The place is quite small so get there early. The musicians are fantastic. There is so much character in the building, owners and customers.  My friends and I plan to go again soon. You could absolutely not get such a bargain deal for the high quality music and atmosphere- Review on TripAdvisor, May 2017

Jazz at the Magpie and Parrot is sponsored by Hickies – the music store: www.hickies.co.uk

and is featured in Jazz Clubs Worldwide: www.jazz-clubs-worldwide.com

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